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[kˈaɹɪ], [kˈaɹɪ], [k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ]

Synonyms for Carry:

bring (verb)

adduce, attract, bear, bring, conduct, convey, draw, fetch, impart, induce, transfer, transport.

carry (verb)

cart, deliver, dispatch, express, haul, move, remove, send, shift, transmit.

ship (verb)

forward, ship, truck.

Other synonyms and related words:

Ford, GM, Lask in, Wade, abide, abode, abscond with, absolutely, absorb, accept, accommodate, accomplish, acquire, acquit, act, act up, adjudge, admit, adopt, affect, affiliate, afford support, agree, agree to, aid, aim, air, airfreight, airlift, airlock, allow, allude to, also, announce, anticipate, apply, approve, archaic use, arrest, articulate, as well as, ask, asportation, asserted, assoil, assume, attend, attitude, authentically, authorize, await, back, back up, backfield, backpack, backpacking, balance, balance the books, balanced, bandage, banishment, banner, barter away, base, be beaten, be diffused, be dressed in, be given, be gravid, be in, be inclined, be knocked up, be pregnant, be victorious, be with child, beam, bear the palm, bear up, bearing, become undone, behave, behavior, bend to, besides, bestow, betoken, bid fair to, bifurcate, bind, birth, black market, bleed, blitz, blow, board, bolster, bolster up, book, borrow, brace, brand, brazen out, break, break away, breed, bring away, bring in, bring off, bring out, broadcast, broaden, brood, brook, buck, bundle, bunk, buoy, buoy up, bus, buttress, buy, buy in, call for, campaign, canalise, canalize, capitalize, capture, car, careen, carriage, carrier, carry away, carry it, carry off, carry on, carry out, carry the day, carry young, carrying, carrying charge, carrying distance, cartage, casing, cast up accounts, cause to die, certainly, channel, channelise, channelize, chaperon, chariot, charter, check, chock up, choose, chromosome, clasp, clear, cloning, close, close out, close the books, clutch, come out first, come over, communicate, compact, companion, company, compass, complete, completely, comport, conceive, conceptualise, conceptualize, conclude, concord, concur, concurrently, conduce, conduit, confirm, connote, consider, consider obligatory, consists of, consort, consort with, consume, contain, continue, contract, contribute, conveyance, convoy, corner, course, court, cover, cradle, cram, credit, cross, cross-fertilization, cross-fertilize, cruise, crutch, culvert, cup, curb, cushion, cut-in, deadhead, deal in, debit, decide, declare, deem, defend, defy, delight, demand, demean, demolish, denote, deport, deportation, deposit, depth, designate, despatch, destroy, determine, develop, diapason, digest, direct, directory, disclose, displace, display, disport, dispose, disseminate, distribute, divide, do, docket, dominant, downshift, drag, drainage, draw over, drayage, dribble, drive, drive at, drivel, dwelling, earn, earreach, earshot, effect, effectuate, embrace, enchant, encompass, encourage, endorse, endure, engage, enlist, enough, enrapture, entail, enter, enthral, enthrall, entirely, entrust, environ, environs, equal, escape, escort, espouse, essentially, evangelize, evince, exactly, excite, exculpate, execute, exhibit, exile, exonerate, expand, expect, expectant, experience, export, expressage, exsert, extend, extend credit, extract, extradite, fall, faucet, feed, ferriage, ferry, ferry over, fetch and carry, fill, finance, finish in front, flare-up, flee, flog, floor, fluke, fly, fly the coop, fool around, fortify, franchise, freight, freightage, function, funnel, furnish, furnish support, gain, gain over, gain the day, gamut, garner, geneticist, gestate, get, get across, get hold of, get on, get over, get to do, give, give birth, give credit, give out, give support, give tick, give tongue to, go, go after, go for, go in for, go on, grasp, gravitate towards, greatly, gridiron, grip, groan, gun, habitation, hairsbreadth, hand, hand in, hand out, hand pass, handle, handle successfully, hang on to, harbour, hasten, hatch, haulage, hauling, hauls, have, have a bun in the oven, have available, have got, have in it, have in stock, have on, have rightfully, have within, hawk, hearing, heave, heft, hereditary, highly, hightail it, hint, hire, hock, hoist, hold, hold back, hold in, hold spellbound, hold up, house, housing, how, however, hump, hunt, hunt down, hurry, hustle, impel, implement, imply, import, impose, impress, incline, include, incubate, indeed, indicate, influence, ingest, inherit, inspire, interest, interest in, interlard, intimate, introduce, invite, involve, jag, job, journalize, jump-start, keep, keep afloat, keep at, keep back, keep books, keep company, keep going, keep on, keep up, kicker, kidnap, ladder, lagoon, lam, launch, lead, lead about, lead by hand, lean, learn, lend support, lenient, let, lie, lift, lift by hand, lighterage, link, load, load down, locus, lodging, log, look, look at, look big, lug, lugging, lure, mail, main, mainstay, maintain, make, make an entry, make available, make delivery, make empty, make known, make stuffy, manage, manage successfully, manhandle, market, mean, meet, melt, melt down, merchandise, minute, misbehave, mob, moderate, moreover, motoring, mutate, mutation, necessitate, need, neighborhood, nevertheless, nick, note, noticeboard, nurse, obligate, oblige, obtain, occur persistently, offer, offer verbally, operate, out face, outbrave, outbrazen, outlet, outlook, outsell, outstare, overcome, pack, packaging, packing, paddle, pas, pass, pass on, passe, peddle, peddler, penetrate, perform, period, permit, persevere, persist, persuade, pick out, pile, pillow, pinch, pipe, place, plaque, plaster, play up, plumb, plumbing, plunge, poke out, port, portage, porterage, positively, possess, post, post up, posturing, preach, predispose, present, preserve, press out, prevail, prevail upon, prevail with, print, proceed, procure, prolong, promote, prompt, prop, prop up, propel, prostrate, protract, provide, publish, pull-in, pull-over, purloin, purvey, push, put a film in, put across, put out, put to death, qb, qualify, quit, quite, radius, railway express, range, ratify, ravish, reach, reach out, read, really, reap, receive, receiver, redound to, reelect, refer to, register, regular, reinforce, reissue, relay, release, relocate, rent, repel, report, represent, repulse, require, reserve, restrain, resurface, retail, retain, retrieve, return, reverse, revolt, riprap, route, run, run away, run for, rush, sack, safety, sanction, sanitation, sap, scale, scarper, scat, schlep, schlepp, scoop, scope, seat, secure, seize, select, sell, sell on credit, serialize, set, shake, shipment, shipping, shoot, shore, shore up, shoulder, shouldered, show, signal, signify, signpost, simultaneously, sink in, siphon, sit, soak in, sound, span, specify, spectrum, speed, spigot, spoil, sponsor, sport, spread, spur, squire, stable, staid, stand, stay, steady, stick out, stock, stockpile, stockpiling, stop, straddle, strengthen, stretch, stretch forth, stretch out, strike, strike a balance, submarine, subscribe, subscribe to, subsidize, substantially, subsume, subvention, succeed, suffer, suggest, sunken, supply, supply support, support, surround, sustain, sway, sweep, sweep away, take, take aim, take for, take in hand, take on, take out, take over, take round, take the cake, take upon oneself, take with, take-in, talk big, talk over, tamp, tamp down, teem, tell, telpherage, tempt, tend, thrust out, tolerate, too, toss the head, tote, toting, touch, tow, track down, traffic, traffic in, train, traject, transferral, translate, translocate, transplace, transplant, transport commercially, transportation, transshipment, travel, trend, truckage, truely, trust, tube, tug, turn back, turn over, turn tail, twist, u-turn, unbend, under pin, under prop, under set, underbrace, undergird, undergo, underlie, underpin, underset, unfold, unlock, unravel, upbear, uphold, upkeep, urge, use up, used in combination, vector, vehicle, vend, verbalise, verbalize, verge, very, view as, wad, waft, waftage, wagonage, wait, wait on, wait upon, wash, wash away, wash out, water, way, weaken, wear, weigh, well-balanced, whip, whisk, wholesale, widen, wield, win, win out, win over, win the battle, win the laurels, win the palm, win the prize, win through, wing, wipe out, withal, withdraw, withstand, wobble, wrestle, yet.

Rhymes for Carry:

  1. barrie;

Quotes for Carry:

  1. The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions. A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life. John Hannah.
  2. You carry forever the fingerprint that comes from being under someone's thumb. Nancy Banks Smith.
  3. Doctrines provide an architecture for both Republican and Democrat presidents to carry out policies. Malcolm Wallop.

Idioms of Carry:

  1. carry sth out;
  2. carry the torch;
  3. carry into sm place;