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[ɹɪɡˈɑːd], [ɹɪɡˈɑːd], [ɹ_ɪ_ɡ_ˈɑː_d]

Synonyms for Regard:

affection (noun)

affection, attachment, devotion, feeling, fondness, friendship, liking, love, respect, sentiment, tenderness, warmth.

respect (noun)

admiration, deference, esteem, homage, honor, reverence, veneration.

respect (verb)

admire, defer, revere, venerate.

see (verb)

behold, discern, gaze, glance, glare, glimpse, inspect, look, observe, peek, peer, perceive, see, sight, spy, stare, view, watch, witness.

Other synonyms and related words:

Eros, For, Hear, Laudation, abide by, about, absent, absentminded, abstracted, accede, accept, acceptance, acclaim, acclamation, accolade, accommodatingness, accord respect to, accordance, account, account as, acknowledge, act up to, adhere to, adherence, adhering, adhesion, adjudge, adjudicate, admiration, adoration, adore, adulation, advert to, advertence, advertency, advertise, advocacy, affect, affinity, agape, agree, agreeableness, aim, alarm, alert, alertness, allow, allude to, almost, amiability, amicability, amity, amor, angle, angle of vision, animadvert, animadvert to, anschauung, answer, answer to, anticipation, anxiety, anyhow, anyway, apotheosis, apotheosize, appearance, appertain, appertain to, applicability, applicable, application, apply, apply to, appositeness, appraise, appreciate, appreciation, apprehension, approbation, appropriate, approval, approve of, approvement, approximately, ardency, ardor, ardour, around, arrange, article, ascendancy, ascertain, ask, aspect, assay, assess, assiduity, assiduousness, associate, association, assume, assure, attend, attend to, attention, attention span, attentive, attentiveness, attraction, aware, awareness, awe, basis, be about, be afraid, be alarmed, be appropriate, be attentive, be concerned, be concerned with, be connected with, be faithful to, be fitting, be germane to, be heedful of, be in love, be involved, be involved with, be judicious, be of consequence, be of importance, be partial to, be pertinent to, be related, be relevant to, be thoughtful of, be vigilant, be watchful, be wedded to, beam, bear in mind, bear love to, bear on, bear reference to, bear respect for, bear upon, bearing, befit, believe, belong, belong to, belong with, best, best wishes, bet, bodily love, books, bow to, bracket, breathless adoration, bring in, bring up, brotherly love, cachet, calculate, call, call for, care, care for, careful, carefulness, caring, caritas, case, cast, catch, catch sight of, categorize, caution, cautious, celebrity, certainly, charity, check, check over, cheer, cherish, cherishing, cipher, circumspection, circumspectness, civility, class, classify, cling to, cognition, cognizance, come, come across, come together, comity, commend, commendation, commendations, comment, comment on, comparison, compartmentalize, compassion, complaisance, compliance, compliment, compliments, comply, comply with, complying, compute, con, conceive, conceive of, concentration, concern, concern oneself about, concerned, concerning, concernment, configuration, conform, conform to, conforming, conformity, congratulations, conjugal love, connect, connection, consciousness, consider, considerateness, consideration, construe, consult, contemplate, contemplation, contemplative, control, coordinate with, correspond, correspond to, count, count on, courtesy, cover, credit, curiosity, cypher, daresay, date, date regularly, datum, deal, deal with, dear, dearly love, debate, deduce, deem, defer to, deferentially, deification, deify, dekko, deliberate, delicacy, delight, demand, denotative, denotive, depend, descry, design, desire, detail, detain, determine, devoirs, dig, dignity, dilection, diligence, discover, disposition, disquiet, disquietude, dissemble, distinction, distinguish, do homage to, do honor to, do justice to, do the honors, dress, duty, ear, earnestness, economical, effect, eidolon, element, eminence, empathy, encomium, encounter, encouragement, endure, engagement, enjoy, ensure, entail, entertain a love, entertain respect for, enumerate, envisage, envision, equate, escort, espial, espionage, espy, estimate, estimation, etiquette, evaluate, even, eventually, exactly, exaggerated respect, exalt, exaltation, exalts, examination, examine, exercise judgment, expect, experience, express an opinion, eye, eyeball, eyeful, face, facet, fact, factor, fair name, faithful love, faithfulness, fall down before, fame, fancy, fashion, favor, favorable regard, favour, fear, fearfulness, feature, feel, feign, felicitations, fervor, fervour, fidelity, figure, fill, find, find out, fitting, fixated, fixedly, flame, flash, flattery, focused, follow, footing, forecast, forethought, form, form an estimate, form an opinion, frame of reference, framework, free-lovism, friendliness, friendly relations, frugal, fulfill, gander, gape, garb, gauge, gaze at, gaze on, gaze upon, germaneness, gestalt, gesundheit, get a line, get a load of, get wind, get word, gingerliness, give attention, give attention to, give heed to, glamour, glom, glorification, glory, go for, go steady, go through, go-by, goggle, golden opinions, good graces, good name, good opinion, good report, good terms, good understanding, good will, good wishes, goodwill, grace, grade, great respect, greeting, greetings, group, guess, guise, hail, hallow, hand, harbor, harmony, have a bearing on, have a hunch, have a looksee, have a relation, have an idea, have an impression, have an inkling, have bearing, have bearing on, have connection with, have one's eye on, have reference, have reference to, have regard for, have regard to, have relation, have relation to, have the idea, have to do with, heart, heed, heedfulness, heeding, helpfulness, hero worship, high opinion, high regard, hold, hold as, hold by, hold dear, hold in esteem, hold in reverence, hold in view, honour, how, however, hug, idea, idealise, idealize, identification, idolatry, idolise, idolism, idolization, idolize, illustriousness, image, imagine, imago, immersion, impact, implicated, imply, importance, impress, impression, in terms of, incidental, inclination, include, indeed, indulgence, infatuation, instance, insure, intent, intention, intentiveness, intentness, interest, interested, interestedness, interpret, intimacy, introspection, involve, isolate, item, judge, judgment, keenly, keep, keep faith, keep faith with, keep in sight, keep in view, keep tabs on, keep to, keep under observation, keeping, kind-heartedness, kindliness, kindly feelings, kindness, kneel to, kudos, lasciviousness, learn, leer, leering look, leniency, liaise with, libido, light, like, likeness, lineaments, link, link with, lionization, list, listen, listen to, live up to, look after, look at, look into, look on, look out, look to, look up to, look upon, look upon as, look-in, looking, lookout, lost, lovemaking, loving attachment, loving care, loyalty, lucubration, lustful leer, made, maintain, make, make good, make much of, make note of, make out, manner, mark, married love, material, materiality, matter, mean, meet, mental outlook, mention, meticulousness, mien, mind, mindful, mindfulness, minor detail, minutia, minutiae, monitor, moot, move, muse, mutual regard, name, necessitate, need, nervousness, nevertheless, nod of approbation, nonetheless, nosiness, notability, note, notice, notion, number, obedience, obey, obeying, obligingness, observance, observant, observation, observe steadily, observing, occupy oneself with, once-over, opiate, opine, opinion, order, outlook, outside, overlook, paean, pains, partiality, particular, particularity, passion, pay attention, pay attention to, pay heed to, pay homage to, pay respect, pay tribute to, paying attention, peep, peer at, peer upon, perceive of, perpension, perspective, pertain, pertain to, pertinence, pertinent, pet, phase, phasis, physical love, picture, pine, pipe, place, plan, plaudits, pleasure, point, point of view, politely, politeness, popular regard, popularity, pore, pore over, posit, position, postulate, praise, pre-eminence, precaution, predisposition, predominance, premium, preparedness, presence, presence of mind, present arms, prestige, presume, pretend, preview, primacy, prise, prize, prizing, probity, project, prominence, prospect, prostrate oneself, prudent, punctiliousness, purpose, put, raise, ran into, rank, rapport, rapture, rate, rating, read, realise, realize, reck, reckon, recognition, recognize, recognizing, recollect, recommendation, reconnoiter, reconnoitre, reconsider, refer, refer to, reference, reference system, referential, reflect, reflection, regardfulness, regarding, regards, relate, relate to, relatedness, relation, relative, relevance, relevancy, relevant, remark, remember, remembrance, remind, render honor to, renown, rep, report, reputableness, reputation, repute, require, respectability, respected, respectfully, respectfulness, respecting, respects, reverential regard, reverentially, reverently, review, revisal, revision, roughly, rumination, run across, sake, salutations, salute, sanction, satisfaction, satisfy, scan, scene, scout, scrutinize, scrutiny, scrutiny inspection, see to, see to it, seeming, semblance, sensibility, sensitivity, sentimentalize, set down as, sexual love, sham, shape, shine, shoutout, show courtesy, side, sidelong look, significance, simulacrum, situation, size up, slant, sly look, smile, snoopiness, so, solicitousness, solicitude, sort, speak of, spiritual love, spot, spy upon, spying, stand, standard, standing, standpoint, stardom, stare at, stature, status, stock, store, strike, study, study mentally, style, stylishness, superiority, supervision, suppose, supremacy, surely, surmise, survey, suspect, sympathize with, sympathy, system, system of thoughts, tact, tactfulness, take, take an interest, take care, take for, take into account, take into consideration, take it, take note, take note of, take notice, take notice of, take to, take to be, take-in, taste, tell of, tend, tender feeling, tender loving care, tender passion, thing, think, think highly of, think highly of, think it over, think much of, think of, think well of, thought, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thrifty, tie in with, tie-in, to consider, toleration, total effect, touch, touch on, touch upon, treasure, treasury, treat, treat of, trend, trendiness, tribute, trow, truelove, turn over, twist, undergo, understand, understanding, uneasiness, union, universe, uxoriousness, valuate, value, valuing, view as, viewing, viewpoint, vigilance, vigilant, visit, visualise, visualize, vogue, want, watchful, watchfulness, watching, weakness, ween, weigh, wife and children, wise, wish, wishing, witnessing, wonder, work out, worry, worship, worth, wrap, write of, yearning, yet.

Rhymes for Regard:

  1. sward, nard, barred, marred, guard, yard, card, bard, shard, scarred, lard, charred, jarred, starred, hard, chard;
  2. disbarred, godard, bombard, bernard, girard, discard;
  3. disregard, avant-garde;

Quotes for Regard:

  1. I regard it as a waste of time to think only of selling: one forgets one's art and exaggerates one's value. Camille Pissarro.
  2. Disco music in the '70s was just a call to go wild and party and dance with no thought or conscience or regard for tomorrow. Martha Reeves.
  3. I always try to be alert to the potential for repetition, for a decaying orbit with regard to my use of technique, etc. Jeff Vandermeer.

Idioms of Regard:

  1. hold sm or sth in high regard
  2. in this regard
  3. with regard to sth;