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[ɡˈɑːɡə], [ɡˈɑːɡə], [ɡ_ˈɑː_ɡ_ə]

Synonyms for Gaga:

gaga (noun)

crazy, doddering, doddery, dotty, enamored, in love, infatuated, loving, old, senile, smitten, soft on, taken with.

Other synonyms and related words:

Daffy, Gulled, MA, WUD, aged, ancient, angry, ape about, apish, around the bend, asinine, balmy, bananas, barbarian, barbaric, barmy, baseless, bats, batty, beany, bedlam, befooled, beguiled, bemused, besotted, bewitched, birdbrained, bizarre, bonkers, bowled over, brainless, brainsick, bubbleheaded, buffoonish, buggy, bughouse, bugs, bugs on, capricious, captivated, careless, certifiable, changeable, changeful, charmed, childish, cockeyed, completely infatuated, crack-brained, cracked, cracked on, crackers, crackpot, cranky, crazed, crazed with passion, crazy about, crazy as a loon, credulous, crippled, cuckoo, daft, dazed, debilitated, decrepit, demented, derailed, deranged, dippy, disabled, disordered, distracted, distraught, disturbed, ditzy, dizzy, doolally, doting, dumb, elderly, emotional, empty-headed, enamoured, enchanted, enervated, enfeebled, enraptured, ensorcelled, enthralled, enthusiastic, erratic, extremely enthusiastic, fatuitous, fatuous, featherbrained, featherheaded, feeble, fickle, flaked-out, flaky, flighty, flipped, flustered, fluttery, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, frail, freaked-out, frenzied, frivolous, frothy, fruitcakey, fruity, fuddled, futile, gaga over, giddy, giddy-brained, giddy-headed, giddy-pated, giddy-witted, gone on, goofy, groundless, half-baked, harebrain, harebrained, haywire, heedless, hepped up over, hipped on, hoity-toity, hot about, idiotic, ill, imbecile, impractical, in bad shape, inane, incapacitated, inconstant, inept, infirm, insane, irrational, irresolute, irresponsible, just plain nuts, kookie, kooky, light-headed, lightheade, lightheaded, lighthearted, loco, loony, loopy, lunatic, luny, mad, mad about, mad as a hatter, maddened, maniac, maniacal, maudlin, mental, mentally ill, mercurial, meshuga, moonstruck, moronic, muddleheaded, nobody home, non compos mentis, nonsensical, not all there, nuts, nuts about, nuts on, nutty, nutty as a fruitcake, of unsound mind, off, off one's head, off one's chump, off one's rocker, off one's trolley, off the hinges, off the track, out of one's mind, out of shape, out to lunch, pointless, potty, preposterous, psycho, psychotic, purposeless, queasy, raging, rattlebrained, rattleheaded, rattlepated, risky, round the bend, sappy, savage, scatterbrained, scramblebrained, screwball, screwballs, screwy, senescent, senseless, sentimental, shatterbrained, shatterpated, sick, sick in the head, silly, slaphappy, softheaded, sounds from baby, stark raving mad, starry-eyed over, steamed up about, stricken, struck, superannuated, thoughtless, totally unsound, touched, turned on, unbalanced, unfit, unfounded, unhinged, unsound, wacko, wacky, wasted, weak, weakened, wet, whacky, wild about, witless, woozy, wrong.

Quotes for Gaga:

  1. Lady Gaga is my name. If you know me, and you call me Stefani, you don't really know me at all. Lady Gaga.
  2. Develop your eccentricities while you are young. That way, when you get old, people won't think you're going gaga David Ogilvy.