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[sˈɛnsɪtˌɪvnəs], [sˈɛnsɪtˌɪvnəs], [s_ˈɛ_n_s_ɪ_t_ˌɪ_v_n_ə_s]

Synonyms for Sensitiveness:

sensitiveness (noun)

sensibility, sensitivity.

Other synonyms and related words:

Aesthesia, Percipience, Sageness, acuity, acumen, acuteness, aesthetics, affectibility, allergy, anaphylaxis, angry, antenna, appreciation, appreciativeness, awareness, bias, cantankerous, consciousness, critical niceness, daintiness, dainty, delicacy, delicate, delightfulness, discernment, edgy, elasticity, elegance, emotion, empathy, enlightenment, esthesia, excitable, facility, fancy, fastidious, fastidious accuracy, fastidiousness, feeler, feeling, festering, flexibility, fractious, give, good sense, gratification, grumpy, high pitch, hypersensitivity, identification, impressibility, impressionability, impressionable, inclination, indulgence, inflammation, insight, intuition, irascible, irritability, irritable, irritation, jeopardy, judgment, keenness, kindness, liability, luxury, mobility, moral sensibility, nervousness, over-sensitivity, oversensitiveness, perception, perceptiveness, perceptivity, petulant, photosensitivity, physical sensibility, plasticity, pleasure, pliability, plush, posh, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, receptibility, receptive, receptiveness, receptivity, refinement, responsive, responsiveness, sagacity, sapience, savvy, sensation, sense, sensibility, sensibleness, sensitive, sentience, sentiment, sentimental, sentimentalism, sentimentality, sharpness, smoothness, softness, sore, sore spot, soreness, sumptuous, supersensitivity, susceptibility, susceptible, susceptibleness, susceptiveness, susceptivity, swanky, sympathy, tact, taste, temperamentalness, tenderness, tensility, touchiness, touchy, tractability, understanding, vivaciousness, vivacity, wisdom.

Quotes for Sensitiveness:

  1. Exaggerated sensitiveness is an expression of the feeling of inferiority. Alfred Adler.
  2. Sensitiveness is closely allied to egotism; and excessive sensibility is only another name for morbid self -consciousness. The cure for tender sensibilities is to make more of our objects and less of our selves. Christian Nestell Bovee.
  3. We should always remember that sensitiveness and emotion constitute the real content of a work of art. Maurice Ravel.