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[fˈiːlɪŋz], [fˈiːlɪŋz], [f_ˈiː_l_ɪ_ŋ_z]

Synonyms for Feelings:

feelings (noun)

affections, emotions, experiences, impressions, moods, passions, responses, sensations, sympathies, thrills, tingles.

Other synonyms and related words:

Collectedness, E, Insensibleness, absorb the soul, admiration, affect the soul, affection, affections, affective, affectivity, affects, affront, aggravate, agitated, agitations, air, airs, allay one's excitability, amazements, anesthetic, anger, angry, annoy, annoyance, anxiety, anxiousness, apathetic, apathy, aplomb, appearances, appease, appreciations, ardent, ardor, aromas, aspects, assent, atmospheres, attitudes, auras, awkward, balance, be pacified, be sorry for, befuddle, beleaguer, beliefs, believes, bellyache, besetment, bewilder, blues, bosom, botheration, bothering, break the heart, bristle, burn, cause anger, chafe, cheer, chime in with, choleric, climates, come round, commiserate, compassionate, compose, condolatory, condole, conniption, contacts, dander, dejection, depressions, detached, discombobulate, discompose, disinterest, disinterested, disquietude, distressed, disturb the soul, dithyrambic, dizzy, dogmas, doldrums, dolefulness, dramatics, drippy, drive, dull, dumps, dysphoria, effects, embitter, embitterment, emote, emotional, emotional sensitivities, emotionalize, emotive, empathies, empathize with, endurance, enrage, enthusiasm, enthusiasms, envenom, esprit, esprit de corps, exasperate, exasperation, excitation, excitements, expectations, experience, explode, expressions, faces, fall in with, feel for, feeling, feels, felts, fervency, fervid, fervor, feverish, fiery, flaming, flare, flavors, flavours, forbearance, forsubmission, fortitude, frame of mind, fret, gall, ghosts, give offense, give umbrage, go through one, go with, gooey, gripe, grouse, gushy, have, have pity, heart, hearts, heat, heated, high-spirited, huff, humour, humours, hunches, hurt the feelings, ideas, imbrue the soul, impassioned, impassive, impersonal, impress, impulse, incense, incuriosity, indifference, indifferent, indignant, indignation, inflame, infuriate, insensible, insensitive, insult, intents, intuitions, irascible, irascibleness, irate, irateness, ire, irk, irritant, irritate, jots, kindle wrath, know, lacerate the heart, lethargic, listless, lives, longanimity, longsufferance, lookings, looks, mad, maudlinism, mawkish, mawkishness, meet, meet halfway, melodramatics, melt, mites, moderate, moderation, mood, moody, mope, morale, mushy, nervousness, nettle, nonchalance, note, notions, nuisance, odours, offend, opinion, opinions, overcome one's excitability, peeve, penetrate, penetrate the soul, perceptions, perfervid, persuasions, pervade the soul, pictures, pierce, pierce the heart, pinches, pique, pitiful, plague, possess the soul, premonitions, presentiments, printings, propitiate, provocation, provoke, psychology, purports, qualities, quick-tempered, rabid, rage, raise anger, rancor, rancorousness, rankle &amp, reciprocate, relishes, rend the heart, render insensible, repress, repress one's excitability, repression of feelings, resentfulness, resignation, respond, responsiveness, responsivity, restrain, restraint, rile, romanticize, ruffle, rulings, sang-froid, schmaltz, seethe, self-possession, semblances, senses, sensibilities, sensibility, sensitivities, sensitivity, sentiment, sentimentalism, sentimentality, sentiments, shades, show pity, side with, signatures, sloppy, slushy, smacks, smells, sobby, soft, solicitous, soul, soupy, specks, spirit, spirits, spleen, spots, stamps, steps, sting, stir the blood, stir the feelings, stir up bile, stolid, subjugation of feeling, submission, sufferance, suggestions, supportance, susceptibilities, susceptibles, suspicions, sympathize, sympathize with, sympathy, take pity, tangs, team spirit, tease, temper, temperamental, tempers, tender susceptibilities, tenor, tetchy, thaw, theatrical, theatrics, thoughts, tide, timbers, timbres, tinctures, tinges, tints, tones, torment, torrid, touch a chord, touch a string, touch the heart, touch the soul, touches, uncaring, uncomfortable, uncompassionate, undercurrent, understandings, undertow, uneasy, unflappability, uninterest, unmoved, unpitying, unresponsive, unresponsiveness, untouched, vein, vex, vibes, views, virulence, virulency, weep, whim, whims, whimsies, whine, widen the breach, wonder, wound, wound the feelings, wrathfulness, wring the heart, yearn for, zeal, zealousness.

Rhymes for Feelings:

  1. dealings;

Quotes for Feelings:

  1. I had to seal off my feelings about Stevie while seeing her every day and having to help her, too. But you get on with it. What was happening to the band was much bigger than any of that. Lindsey Buckingham.
  2. We treat sex so casually and use it for everything but what it is -which is ultimately making another human being with thoughts and feelings and rights. Lisa Kudrow.
  3. Relations between black and white would be greatly improved if we were more accepting of our fears and our feelings and more vocal about it. Sarah Silverman.

Idioms of Feelings:

  1. have mixed feelings about sth;
  2. no hard feelings
  3. hurt sb's feelings