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What is another word for predisposition?

279 synonyms found


[pɹiːdˌɪspəzˈɪʃən], [pɹiːdˌɪspəzˈɪʃən], [p_ɹ_iː_d_ˌɪ_s_p_ə_z_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Predisposition:

tendency (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Predisposition:

  1. titian, mission, fission;
  2. munition, mortician, addition, admission, rendition, dentition, condition, contrition, optician, remission, commission, sedition, transmission, musician, nutrition, partition, patrician, volition, permission, position, physician, ambition, fruition, technician, tuition, attrition, tradition, transition, logician, petition, cognition, recission, ignition, omission, audition, emission, suspicion, submission, magician;
  3. expedition, intermission, demolition, admonition, opposition, prohibition, requisition, politician, obstetrician, statistician, rhetorician, apparition, deposition, precondition, imposition, supposition, premonition, coalition, superstition, inquisition, recognition, intuition, ammunition, electrician, recondition, abolition, repetition, proposition, exposition, erudition, disposition, exhibition, reposition, extradition, competition, composition, inhibition, dietitian, definition, acquisition;
  4. geriatrician, presupposition, juxtaposition, academician, decomposition, pediatrician, theoretician;

Quotes for Predisposition:

  1. I believe people may have a predisposition for artistic creativity. It doesn't mean they're going to make it. Rita Dove.
  2. Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell -out. Paul Kagame.