What is another word for agouti?

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[ ˈaɡa͡ʊtˌi], [ ˈaɡa‍ʊtˌi], [ ˈa_ɡ_aʊ_t_ˌi]

Agouti is a rodent found in tropical forests of South and Central America. However, there are several synonyms and alternative names for this animal, including Dasyprocta, Ituzi, and Cutia. Another possible name for agouti is "paca," which is used primarily in Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, some areas refer to them as "royal rodents" due to their importance in indigenous cultures and diet. Given their scarcity and importance as a food source, agoutis are often protected in South American countries. Therefore, familiarizing oneself with their different names and alternative terms is crucial for those who study, research, or travel to these areas.

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    How to use "Agouti" in context?

    Agouti is a purebred guinea pig that has been selectively bred to have a suite of coat colors, including Brindle, Sable, Silver, and Black. A Genetic Pigmentation Research Unit at Iowa State University (ISU) first described the Agouti pig in 1965.

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