What is another word for castor?

Pronunciation: [kˈastə] (IPA)

The word "castor" usually refers to an animal's fur or scent gland used for perfumes or medicine, but there are several synonyms for this word. Some of them are "beaver", "musk-rat", "palm civet", and "marmot". These synonyms are mainly derived from the animal species whose fur and scent glands were used for similar purposes. The term "castoreum" is also commonly used to describe the secretion of the gland, which has been used in traditional medicine and perfume-making for centuries. Knowing these synonyms can help individuals understand the origins and use of the substance, and allow them to make informed choices regarding its applications and potential benefits.

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Usage examples for Castor

At one time, he used to go in to the apothecary, but the latter had lately given him to understand, that he had done him harm; that people had grown afraid, on Savitzki's account, of buying bitter-water and castor oil, the apothecary's great stand-by.
"Stories and Pictures"
Isaac Loeb Peretz
Gie him a gude dose o' castor oil and stop his meat for a day, an' he 'ill be a' richt the morn.
"Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush"
Ian Maclaren
castor, the supposed disciple of Chiron, was in reality the same as Chiron; being a sacred tower, a Chironian edifice, which served both for a temple and Pharos.
"A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.)"
Jacob Bryant

Famous quotes with Castor

  • Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give but dreadful uneasy to take.
    Josh Billings
  • One hears murmurs against Mussolini on the ground that he is a desperado: the real objection to him is that he is a politician. Indeed, he is probably the most perfect specimen of the genus politician on view in the world today. His career has been impeccably classical. Beginning life as a ranting Socialist of the worst type, he abjured Socialism the moment he saw better opportunities for himself on the other side, and ever since then he has devoted himself gaudily to clapping Socialists in jail, filling them with castor oil, sending blacklegs to burn down their houses, and otherwise roughing them. Modern politics has produced no more adept practitioner.
    H. L. Mencken

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