What is another word for denounce?

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Denounce is a word that means to publicly condemn someone or something. There are various synonyms available for the word denounce, including vilify, condemn, criticize, censure, rebuke, reprimand, chastise, and castigate. Each of these words represents different degrees of condemnation, ranging from mild criticism to harsh judgment. Vilify is the closest synonym to denounce, as it also implies a public condemnation of someone or something. On the other hand, rebuke and reprimand are milder and are often used when addressing a specific wrongdoing. Ultimately, these synonyms allow us to effectively communicate our disapproval towards something or someone, whether it be public figures, actions, or policies.

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How to use "Denounce" in context?

When someone denounces something, they express their disapproval or disapproval of a person or thing by saying that it is a "shame" or "disgrace" or "a disgraceful act." The verb to denounce usually implies vehement or extreme disapproval.

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