What is another word for appearances?

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There are numerous synonyms for the word "appearances", such as seem, look, show, display, surface, semblance, pretense, facade, and impression. "Seem" and "look" both refer to the outward appearance or impression of something. "Show" and "display" are more related to presenting or exhibiting one's appearance. "Surface" and "semblance" focus on the exterior characteristics of something. "Pretense" and "facade" both suggest a false or deceptive appearance. Lastly, "impression" refers to the effect something has on others or how it's perceived. Whether it's a physical appearance or a perceived image, having a wide range of synonyms for the word "appearances" can help diversify your writing and communication.

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How to use "Appearances" in context?

Every person has an appearance, even if they don't realize it at first. Appearance is how someone looks outside of themselves. An appearance can be the way someone looks externally, or the way someone looks on the inside. Appearance is something that people use to identify themselves and is important to our social lives. Appearance can be affected by things like hairstyle, makeup, and clothing. Appearance can also be affected by physical conditions such as disease or injury. Appearance can be a source of pride or embarrassment. Appearance is an important part of our identity.

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