What is another word for speeches?

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[ spˈiːt͡ʃɪz], [ spˈiːt‍ʃɪz], [ s_p_ˈiː_tʃ_ɪ_z]

How to use "Speeches" in context?

When considering speeches, one might think of inspiring words or impassioned pleas. But there is another side to speeches that often goes unnoticed: the delivery. After all, if the words are not catchy or compelling, what good are they? And if the words are not delivered well, they can easily fall on deaf ears.

There are a few essential factors for a great speech delivery: a clear, concise message; a story that is easy to follow; energy and enthusiasm; and familiarity with the audience. In other words, if you want to grab someone's attention, start with your message.

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