What is another word for performances?

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[ pəfˈɔːmənsɪz], [ pəfˈɔːmənsɪz], [ p_ə_f_ˈɔː_m_ə_n_s_ɪ_z]

How to use "Performances" in context?

Performances are something that we all take for granted, but without them we would never be able to see our favorite performers live. Performances can range from small local events to sold-out concerts, and they are a big part of what makes live music so special. They allow us to experience music in a way that is not possible on a recording or in a classroom. Performances can be a way for us to connect with artists that we might not be familiar with, and they can offer us a chance to see new performers that we might not otherwise have the chance to see.

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