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Passes, similar to the word 'goes through', is a multifaceted term. There are various words that agree with and identify with it at different levels. A related term for passes would be 'transits,' meaning to travel across or through a place, while 'crosses over' implies to pass beyond or traverse over a limitation or boundary. Additionally, 'moves past,' 'traverses,' and 'navigates' are all appropriate synonyms for 'passes.' Similar to 'goes through,' 'passes' implies completion while indicating forward motion. 'Speeds past,' 'cruises,' and 'slips by' suggests motion at a particular pace while still conveying progress. With so many suitable alternatives, there's no need to use 'passes' redundantly in your writing.

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How to use "Passes" in context?

There are a few reasons why a person might need a pass. They may need a pass to get into a particular building, to get onto a bus, train, orplane, or to get into a park. A pass usually has an identifier on it, such as a school ID or a driver's license.

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