What is another word for profiles?

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[ pɹˈə͡ʊfa͡ɪlz], [ pɹˈə‍ʊfa‍ɪlz], [ p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_f_aɪ_l_z]

When creating an online presence or building a professional network, having a well-crafted profile is essential. Sometimes, however, using the same word over and over can become monotonous. Luckily, there are several synonyms for the word "profiles" that can add variety and interest to your language use. Some options include "biographies," "portfolios," "resumes," "accounts," "dossiers," or "currículums." Each of these words conveys the idea of a representation of oneself or one's work, but they each have their own connotations and nuances that can help you more clearly communicate your intentions and goals.

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    Usage examples for Profiles

    As there were no photographs in those days, his portraits were in great demand, and needing money, to help with his expenses he began to paint miniatures to order, his price being five dollars for those painted on ivory, and one dollar for profiles, and he says, "Everybody is ready to engage me at that price."
    "Ten Boys from History"
    Kate Dickinson Sweetser
    There will be in their apartments alabaster plates with profiles of Dante and Michelangelo on a black center.
    "Aurora the Magnificent"
    Gertrude Hall
    To-day, they wear the ochre helmet, and show the profiles of Saracen warriors.
    "The New Book Of Martyrs"
    Georges Duhamel

    Famous quotes with Profiles

    • Ever since I've become chairman, there have been profiles of me in People, George, The Washington Post, The Detroit News, and all of them could have been written by the same person.
      Julian Bond
    • I have seen in the Halls of Congress more idealism, more humanness, more compassion, more profiles of courage than in any other institution that I have ever known.
      Hubert H. Humphrey
    • My price is five dollars for a miniature on ivory, and I have engaged three or four at that price. My price for profiles is one dollar, and everybody is willing to engage me at that price.
      Samuel Morse
    • In short, to remember is to reconstruct in part on the basis of what we have learned or said since. That's normal, that's how we remember. I tell you this to encourage you to reactivate some of these profiles of excitation, instead of simply digging obsessively in an effort to find something that's already there, as shiny and new as you imagine it was when you first set it aside ... Remembering is a labor, not a luxury.
      Umberto Eco
    • [W]e prefer not to countenance the kinds of sacrifices the professional-grade athlete has made to get so good at one particular thing. . . . We prefer not to consider the shockingly vapid and primitive comments uttered by athletes in postcontest interviews, or to imagine what impoverishments in one's mental life would allow people actually to think in the simplistic way great athletes seem to think. Note the way "up-close and personal profiles" of professional athletes strain so hard to find evidence of rounded human life—outside interests and activities, charities, values beyond the sport. We ignore what's obvious, that most of this straining is farce. It's farce because the realities of top-level athletics today require an early and total commitment to one pursuit. An almost ascetic focus. A subsumption of almost all other features of human life to their one chosen talent and pursuit. A consent to life in a world that, like a child's world, is very serious and very small.
      David Foster Wallace

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