What is another word for Barton?

Pronunciation: [bˈɑːtən] (IPA)

Usage examples for Barton

While travelling this day, Corporal Graham overtook me with letters from Buree, and a cart had also been sent after us by Mr. Barton with a small supply of corn.
"Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia In Search of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of Carpentaria (1848) by Lt. Col. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell Kt. D.C.L. (1792-1855) Surveyor-General of New South Wales"
Thomas Mitchell
Run for Dr. Barton directly.
"A Poached Peerage"
William Magnay
Leo spent the night at the Middletown Hotel with Barton Reeve.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill

Famous quotes with Barton

  • Barton Fink got written very quickly, in about three weeks. I don't know what that means.
    Joel Coen
  • Well, my wife, Cathy Gillespie, worked for Joe Barton, who was running for Congress in 1984.
    Ed Gillespie
  • Bruce Barton's advertising career started quite accidentally. One of Collier's clients, the Harvard Classics "Dr. Elliot's Five-Foot Shelf of Books," had traditionally been sold on double page spreads. At the last minute, the pressroom man told Barton that he had an extra quarter page left to fill. Barton tore a page out of one of the classics, and asked his readers, "This is Marie Antoinette riding to her death. Have you ever read her tragic story?" Barton had created a unique benefit for his readers — cultural enrichment in less than fifteen minutes a day — and this simple idea sold over 400,000 sets of the classics.
    Bruce Fairchild Barton

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