What is another word for grove?

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A grove is a group of trees growing together, often in a cluster or small forest-like setting. Synonyms for grove include thicket, copse, woodland, timberland, and forest. A thicket is a dense cluster of bushes and small trees, often impenetrable. A copse is also a small group of trees growing together, but usually with less density than a thicket or grove. Woodland refers to a larger area containing many trees, but not quite a forest. Timberland is a vast area of trees grown for lumber and is often more structured than a grove. Lastly, a forest is a large area of trees, often spanning for miles.

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How to use "Grove" in context?

The word "grove" comes from the Old English word "gruf", meaning a small wood or copse. A grove can be a natural area, such as a forest, or an artificial one, such as a garden.

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