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Fallow, meaning uncultivated, can be replaced with several synonyms to convey a similar meaning. Such synonyms include dormant, idle, inactive, barren, unproductive, and undesired. Dormant, which suggests a temporary lack of vitality, can apply to a field or a plant. Idle implies neglect or disuse, such as an unused piece of land or a laid-off employee. Inactive can describe a person or process that has stopped working. Barren often relates to land, while unproductive emphasizes the lack of output. Undesired can relate to unwanted plants, weeds, or pests. Using these synonyms for fallow can help to spice up writing and avoid repetition.

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How to use "Fallow" in context?

One of the many agricultural terms that crop growers use is "fallow." Fallow is the agricultural practice of removing vegetation from a field so that the soil can regenerate. Fallowing can be done with crops, but is most commonly used with crops that are not meant to regenerate, such as corn and cotton. Fallow helps control weeds, control pests, and improve fertility.

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