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Pen is a writing tool that has been in use for centuries. Over time, people have come up with several alternative names for it. Some of the commonly used synonyms for the word "pen" include quill, ballpoint, fountain pen, brush pen, marker, stylus, gel pen, rollerball pen, and dip pen. A quill refers to a feather that has been sharpened to make a writing tool. A ballpoint describes a pen that uses a small rolling ball with ink. A fountain pen uses a reservoir filled with ink and a feed system that controls the ink flow. A brush pen has a brush-like tip, and a marker pen draws with ink that dries quickly. Stylists are digital pens used in drawing tablets, while a dip pen is a pen that has to be dipped in ink before writing.

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The humble pen has been an essential tool for both journalists and novelists for centuries. It's now being used by scientists to study the molecular structure of molecules.

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