What is another word for be lost?

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[ biː lˈɒst], [ biː lˈɒst], [ b_iː l_ˈɒ_s_t]

When we say someone is "lost," it means they are unable to find their way or they are confused about their current status. However, there are several synonyms we can use to describe someone who is lost. For instance, we can say they are disoriented, bewildered, or perplexed. If someone is lost in thought or emotionally lost, we can use the terms preoccupied or lost in reverie. Other synonyms for being lost might include astray, adrift, off-kilter, or confounded. All of these words are effective in conveying the idea of being lost and can be used in different situations and contexts.

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How to use "Be lost" in context?

When you're lost in your own world, it's hard to imagine that you're not alone. But even if you're lost in a familiar place, the feeling of being lost can be prickling. It's hard to know when to stop looking for a way out, and it's hard to know when to keep walking. When you're lost, everything feels daunting and scary. But even if you end up stuck in a difficult situation, there's always the chance to find your way back home.

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