What is another word for lusty?

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[ lˈʌsti], [ lˈʌsti], [ l_ˈʌ_s_t_i]

Lusty is a term that connotes vigor, intensity, and physical vitality. It can also describe something that is hearty, lively, and strong. Synonyms for the word "lusty" include robust, vigorous, energetic, and powerful. Other synonyms include rambunctious, exuberant, and spirited. These words are often used to describe people or animals who are full of life and vitality. Lusty can also refer to sexual desire, in which case synonyms might include passionate, ardent, enthusiastic, or amorous. Regardless of its application, the word "lusty" evokes a sense of intense energy, verve, and enthusiasm.

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How to use "Lusty" in context?

Most people would say that lust is a strong emotion, one that usually requires a lot of provocation to ignite. And that's definitely true for many people.

But lust can also be a very refreshing and motivating force, one that can make you feel alive and in control. And that's what makes lust so tantalizing - it's always just out of reach, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

So if you feel like you're starting to lose interest in sex andaroused more easily than usual, there's probably a good reason for it.

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