What is another word for licit?

Pronunciation: [lˈɪsɪt] (IPA)

Licit is an adjective that means something that is legal or allowed by laws. There are several synonyms for licit, including legitimate, permissible, lawful, legal, acceptable, authorized, valid, sanctioned, and aboveboard. These words convey the same meaning, but they have slightly different connotations and nuances. Legitimate implies conformity with the law or rules, while permissible suggests tolerance or forgiveness of minor infractions. Lawful refers to something that is authorized or recognized by law, and legal implies that something has been established by the law. Acceptable and valid both suggest that something is satisfactory or reasonable, while sanctioned and aboveboard suggest official approval and transparency.

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What are the opposite words for licit?

The word "licit" refers to something that is legal or acceptable under the law. Antonyms for "licit" include illegal, fraudulent, unauthorized, and illicit. Illegal refers to something that is prohibited by law, while fraudulent implies deceitful or dishonest conduct to gain something. Unauthorized means lacking permission or approval, while illicit refers to something that is morally or legally prohibited. Other antonyms for "licit" include wrongful, criminal, illegitimate, and unapproved. These words are often used to indicate actions that are not accepted or considered unacceptable in society or under the law.

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Usage examples for Licit

I had already seen the Sunday auctions of the poor Jews in Petticoat Lane, which are licit, if not legal, and that Sunday morning before we found Bunhill Fields fast closed, we had found a market for poor Christians wide open in Whitecross Street near by.
"London Films"
W.D. Howells
Love, licit or illicit, the mainspring of all drama, is the same to-day as it was yesterday, and will be for ever and ever in this world.
"Oscar Wilde"
Leonard Cresswell Ingleby
To sensual vices she was so abandoned, That lustful she made licit in her law, To remove the blame to which she had been led.
Dante Alighieri

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