What is another word for list?

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A list is a compilation, inventory, or record that chronicles or enumerates a set of items or elements in a systematic way. Synonyms for 'list' include roster, catalog, index, register, roll, schedule, directory, and menu. A roster typically refers to a list of people or personnel, while a catalog is a detailed enumeration of goods, products, or services. An index is an alphabetical guide to finding information, while a register is a formal list usually associated with official records. A roll may be used to describe a list of attendees or names, while a schedule is used to designate appointments or events. A directory provides contact information, and a menu describes the selection of offerings for a restaurant or meal.

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    A list is a collection of items. It can be any size, but most often it is smaller than an encyclopedia article. Lists are usually written in a specific order, and the items on the list are usually numbered. Lists can be organized in different ways, but the most common way to organize a list is to have the items on the list be in alphabetical order.

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