What is another word for be wailing?

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The word "be wailing" often refers to the act of expressing grief or sorrow through loud, emotional cries or lamentations. There are several synonyms for this term, including lamenting, keening, mourning, grieving, and howling. Lamenting suggests a deep and mournful expression of grief, while keening refers specifically to the high-pitched wails often heard in traditional Irish funeral songs. Mourning and grieving both suggest a prolonged and solemn expression of sadness. Howling, on the other hand, may imply a more primal expression of distress or anguish. Whatever the specific emotion or situation may be, these synonyms for "be wailing" all convey a strong sense of heartfelt emotion and sorrow.

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    There are times in our lives when the sadness and grief that we feel can come crashing down on us at once. This can happen when something bad happens, when a loved one dies, or even when something positive ends badly. When this happens, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and to cry uncontrollably. If this happens to you often, you might be wailing.

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