What is another word for concur?

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Concur is a verb that means to agree or be of the same opinion. Synonyms for this word include: coincide, harmonize, blend, tally, match, correspond, and accord. When expressing agreement in a more enthusiastic way, synonyms like assent, approve, commend, celebrate, support, and champion can be used. Similarly, synonyms like acquiesce, comply, consent, and yield can be used to imply agreement, though perhaps not as wholeheartedly. When someone agrees without hesitation or reservation, some possible synonyms include endorse, embrace, welcome, and adopt. In summary, there are a plethora of synonyms to use in place of 'concur,' each with its own subtle connotation and degree of emphasis on agreement.

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The word "concur" has several antonyms, including "disagree," "dissent," "oppose," "deny," "refute," "contradict," and "dispute." These antonyms mean to challenge or differ with someone's belief or opinion. Opposite of "concur," "disagree," and "dissent" signifies that someone may not approve of something or express disbelief, lack of approval, or reject someone's viewpoint. On the other hand, "oppose" and "deny" show resistance and disagreement, and "refute" and "contradict" involve making an argument against a certain position. Lastly, "dispute" refers to questioning someone's claim or view to make sure of its validity.

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Usage examples for Concur

All these, except Gladstone, heard it, and concur in warm praise, both of matter and manner.
MacCarthy, Desmond
If our readers feel half the interest in this subject, which its importance demands, they will thank us for these views, even if they should not concur in every suggestion made.
"Thoughts on the Religious Instruction of the Negroes of this Country"
William Swan Plumer
All writers on these subjects concur in recommending it for food, some pronouncing it excellent, some the most delicious known.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc."
George Francis Atkinson

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