What is another word for agree?

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When we want to express our approval or give our consent to something, we often use the word "agree". However, to convey the same meaning, there are many other synonyms available to us. Some of the common synonyms for "agree" include "concur", "assent", "accept", "comply", "authorize", "endorse", "support", "acknowledge" and "grant". Every synonym has its own unique usage, and we can choose the most suitable one depending on the context in which it is being used. By opting for different synonyms, we can make our writing more interesting and persuasive while conveying the desired message.

Related words: approve, assent, concur, acquiescence, acceptance

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    The verb "agree" is used in many expressions and means to agree with something or to be in agreement with someone. To agree is to have the same opinion or understanding of a situation. Some common expressions that use "agree" are "I agree with you," "you agree with me," "we agree," and "they agreed."

    When two people are in agreement, it creates a strong relationship and helps them to communicate better. When two people are in disagreement, it can create tense or difficult relationships. When people are in agreement, it shows that they have taken the time to understand each other and that they are willing to work together.

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