What is another word for cause of death?

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[ kˈɔːz ɒv dˈɛθ], [ kˈɔːz ɒv dˈɛθ], [ k_ˈɔː_z ɒ_v d_ˈɛ_θ]

The term "cause of death" refers to the primary reason for the cessation of an individual's physical functions. There are several synonyms for this phrase, including "manner of death," which is often used in forensic investigations, and "fatal condition," which refers to the disease or injury that ultimately led to death. Other synonyms include "demise cause," "end-stage illness," and "terminal event." No matter what phrase is used, the cause of death is a critical piece of information that helps healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers understand disease patterns and devise strategies to prevent future fatalities.

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    When a person dies, there are various possible causes of death. While some deaths are simply by natural causes, others can be the result of a number of different medical conditions. In many cases, the cause of death can be difficult to determine, as many different factors can play a role in a person's death.

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