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Crusade is a powerful word that refers to a religious or political mission that people undertake with zeal and passion. It is a call to action that inspires people to work towards a noble cause. However, there are often times where the word "crusade" may come across as insensitive or politically incorrect. In such cases, there are several synonyms that can be used effectively - mission, campaign, cause, drive, movement, movement, effort, pursuit, endeavor, undertaking, and so on. Each of these synonyms conveys a sense of purpose and commitment, without the potential negative connotations that may be associated with the word "crusade".

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When most think of the word crusade, images of medieval knights on horseback charging across a battlefield come to mind. However, the origins of the word Crusade lie much earlier, in 1095, when the Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad II, called for a religious offensive against Muslims in the Balkans. At its heart, a Crusade is an effort to achieve spiritual or religious redemption. The first Crusade, launched in 1095, was a response to the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin, the Muslim general who had conquered the city in 1187.

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