What is another word for Celestially?

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[ səlˈɛstjə͡lˌi], [ səlˈɛstjə‍lˌi], [ s_ə_l_ˈɛ_s_t_j_əl_ˌi]

The word "celestially" refers to anything that is related to the sky or heavens. Synonyms for this word include heavenly, ethereal, astral, divine, and sublime. The term "heavenly" suggests something otherworldly or celestial, while "ethereal" implies something light and airy. "Astral" means related to the stars, while "divine" suggests a sacred or spiritual quality. Lastly, "sublime" refers to something that is awe-inspiring and majestic. All these synonyms convey a sense of grandeur, spirituality, and cosmic significance. Whether we contemplate the mysteries of the universe or the aspirations of the human spirit, these words capture the essence of what is celestial.

What are the opposite words for Celestially?

Celestially refers to things related to the sky or the heavens. The word has numerous antonyms that denote earthly or mundane features. Terrestrially, mundanely, and worldlily are some of the antonyms that denote things that belong to our world. Terrestrially refers to earthy or earthly qualities, while mundanely refers to things that belong to everyday life. Worldlily suggests materialism and an attachment to mundane things. Other antonyms of celestially include physically, materialistically, and humanly. These words suggest a focus on the physical world, rather than the spiritual or otherworldly. In summary, antonyms for celestially denote things that belong to the earth and worldly life.

What are the antonyms for Celestially?

Usage examples for Celestially

A steady stream of victorious tone came from under his supple fingers, and his instrument of shallow thunders and tinkling wires sang as if an archangel had smote it, Celestially sang.
James Huneker
So on the door-steps they parted; the attorney smiling quite Celestially, and feeling all a-glow with affability, virtue, and a general sense of acceptance.
"The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3"
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
The club struggled on valiantly, discoursing Celestially, eating apples, and disappearing in the dark, until the third evening it vanished altogether.
"Early Letters of George Wm. Curtis"
G. W. Curtis, ed. George Willis Cooke

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