What is another word for dead?

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[ d_ˈɛ_d], [ dˈɛd], [ dˈɛd]

Synonyms for Dead:

dead (adjective) defunct (adjective) dull (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) expressionless (adjective) fatigued (adjective)
  • dead-tired.
insensitive (adjective) motionless (adjective) non-living (adjective) non-resonant (adjective) nonexistent (adjective) numb (adjective) senseless (adjective) eastern poison oak (adverb) eastern poison oak inert lost nonexistent Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Dead:

  1. shed, sped, shred, lead, sled, redd, unread, unwed, spread, red, med, wed, thread, unsaid, tread, bred, read, fed, retread, bread, stead, zed, ted, fled, led, head, ed, widespread, bed, dread, said;
  2. purebred, imbed, instead, embed, misled, behead, ahead;
  3. interbred, thoroughbred, infrared, overfed, overhead;

Quotes for Dead:

  1. I am a real ham. I love an audience. I work better with an audience. I am dead in fact, without one. Lucille Ball.
  2. The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions. James Russell Lowell.
  3. Reagan's dead and he was a lousy President. Keith Olbermann.

Idioms of Dead:

  1. leave for dead
  2. Let the dead bury the dead.
  3. cut sb dead

Adjectives for Dead:

  • terrible and far-famed,
  • dreary, desolate,
  • much narrower,
  • bright blue,
  • dreary,
  • terrible,
  • dim necromantic,
  • august, illustrious,
  • august pure,
  • sad and lone,
  • precise and exact,
  • thy dear,
  • august,
  • precise,
  • more and more,
  • sad,
  • more,
  • simple and spotless,
  • best ole,
  • stiff and cold,
  • bleak, barren,
  • bleak,
  • good old,
  • stiff,
  • simple,
  • good-looking black.