What is another word for clasp knife?

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[ klˈasp nˈa͡ɪf], [ klˈasp nˈa‍ɪf], [ k_l_ˈa_s_p n_ˈaɪ_f]

The term "clasp knife" refers to a type of folding knife where the blade locks into place when opened. Depending on the region or culture, this type of knife may have different synonyms. In the United Kingdom, "penknife" or "pocket knife" are commonly used terms to describe a clasp knife. In the United States, "jackknife" or "switchblade" may be used to describe a folding knife with a locking mechanism. Other possible synonyms for clasp knife include "lockblade knife," "liner-lock knife," or simply "folding knife." Regardless of its name, a clasp knife is a useful tool for a variety of tasks, from cutting rope to whittling wood.

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