What is another word for blackmail?

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When it comes to finding synonyms for the term "blackmail," there are several options to choose from. Some common synonyms for blackmail may include phrases such as coerced payment, extortion, intimidation, or even pressure tactics. Other similar terms that can be used in place of the word blackmail might include threats, manipulation, or even strong-arming. Ultimately, the term blackmail refers to the act of threatening or manipulating someone in order to receive money or other goods, and these other synonyms can help to convey that same concept in other words. So whether you're writing a legal brief or simply trying to expand your vocabulary, consider using some of these synonyms to effectively communicate your message.

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What are the opposite words for blackmail?

Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning to a given word. The word 'blackmail' refers to the act of threatening someone with harm or damage to their reputation in order to gain something. The antonyms of 'blackmail' include 'reward' and 'praise', which refer to the act of offering positive consequences to someone for doing something good. Other antonyms for 'blackmail' include 'support', 'encourage', 'convince', 'persuade', 'instruct', and 'guide', which refer to positive forms of influencing someone without using threats or coercion. Antonyms for 'blackmail' represent positive and constructive ways of engaging with others and building strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

What are the antonyms for Blackmail?

  • v.

    intimidating for money

Usage examples for Blackmail

This publication was recognized to be a case of blackmail and its promoters were punished.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
Thad, for all his tyrannies, blackmail, petulances, made life easier for them.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
Anybody'd think you thought I was going to blackmail you!
"The Debit Account"
Oliver Onions

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