What is another word for cuticle?

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The cuticle is the thin, transparent layer of skin found at the base of the nail bed. Though it is typically referred to by this specific name, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this part of the body. Some possible alternatives include the nail fold, eponychium, or even simply the skin around the nail. In some cases, the term "nail plate" can also be used to describe the part of the nail that sits on top of the cuticle. While each of these terms may have slightly different connotations or uses, they all refer to the same general area of the body.

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How to use "Cuticle" in context?

The cuticle is a layer of dead cells that covers the surface of the nail. It helps protect the nail from bacteria and moisture, and also from scratches and other damage. The cuticle can grow and shrink depending on the amount of moisture present in the atmosphere.

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