What is another word for crack up?

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The English language is full of colorful expressions, and "crack up" is no exception. This phrase generally means to break down emotionally or to lose control in a fit of laughter. However, there are a myriad of synonyms that can be used to describe such an event. For losing control emotionally, one might say you had a breakdown, lost your cool, or had a meltdown. For laughing uncontrollably, you could say you were in hysterics, doubled over, or unable to contain your laughter. Whatever way you choose to describe it, a good crack up can be both cathartic and entertaining.

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How to use "Crack up" in context?

When you think of the words "crack up," what comes to mind? For some, it may be an image of someone breaking into laughter out of nowhere. For others, it may be something more serious, such as the sound of something breaking. In any case, when someone says they're "going to crack up," they're usually indicating that they're about to have a serious emotional breakdown. The reasons for this are varied, but often stem from significant emotional or psychological stressors. When these stresses become too much to handle, the individual can eventually break down, resulting in an emotional outburst or "crackup.

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