What is another word for crack up?

Pronunciation: [kɹˈak ˈʌp] (IPA)

The English language is full of colorful expressions, and "crack up" is no exception. This phrase generally means to break down emotionally or to lose control in a fit of laughter. However, there are a myriad of synonyms that can be used to describe such an event. For losing control emotionally, one might say you had a breakdown, lost your cool, or had a meltdown. For laughing uncontrollably, you could say you were in hysterics, doubled over, or unable to contain your laughter. Whatever way you choose to describe it, a good crack up can be both cathartic and entertaining.

Synonyms for Crack up:

What are the hypernyms for Crack up?

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What are the hyponyms for Crack up?

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What are the opposite words for crack up?

"Crack up" is a phrasal verb which has several antonyms. Rather than breaking down or falling apart, one could "hold it together" or "keep their composure." Instead of laughing uncontrollably or hysterically, one could "keep a straight face" or "maintain a serious demeanor." Furthermore, instead of becoming emotionally overwhelmed or breaking down into tears, one could "stay strong" or "keep their emotions in check." Finally, instead of losing their mental stability, one could "maintain their sanity" or "keep a clear head." While "crack up" can have both positive and negative connotations, having a wide range of antonyms allows individuals to express their emotions in a variety of ways.

What are the antonyms for Crack up?

  • v.

    break down mentally

Famous quotes with Crack up

  • It's the cushiest job, but some lines are so funny that I crack up.
    Dan Castellaneta
  • With the people, for the people, by the people. I crack up when I hear it; I say, with the handful, for the handful, by the handful, cause that's what really happens.
    Fannie Lou Hamer
  • I was sick. I guess I was about to crack up thinking about all my good buddies. They were better men than me and they're not coming back. Much less back to the White House, like me.
    Ira Hayes
  • Horrifying as it was to crack up in the public eye, it made me look at myself and fix it. People were exploitative; that's human nature.
    Margot Kidder

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