What is another word for disintegrate?

Pronunciation: [dˌɪsˈɪntɪɡɹˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Disintegrate is commonly used to describe the process of something breaking down or falling apart. However, there are many synonyms for the word disintegrate that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some of the common synonyms for disintegrate include crumble, collapse, fragment, break up, disperse, decay, deteriorate, and dissolve. These synonyms can be used in various contexts depending on the extent of the breakdown or disintegration that is being described. Whether it is a physical object or an abstract idea, synonyms for disintegrate can help us better communicate the process of something falling apart or becoming unrecognizable.

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What are the opposite words for disintegrate?

Disintegrate means to break down or become scattered into small pieces or fragments. The antonyms for the word disintegrate are consolidate, solidify or integrate. Consolidate means to merge or combine into a single whole, strengthening its foundation. Solidify means to strengthen or make something more stable or concrete. Lastly, integrate means to bring different parts or elements together into a unified and coherent whole. The antonyms of disintegrate are important to keep in mind when discussing anything that relates to structure, organization, or relationships. These words demonstrate the opposite of disintegration and emphasize the importance of cohesion, wholeness, and unity.

What are the antonyms for Disintegrate?

Usage examples for Disintegrate

Cal wondered whether the orders to disintegrate had been a bluff.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
Would the attorney general have dared disintegrate a ship with even a Junior E on board?
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
But we do have one thing in common, a synthetic nervous system which, if you were killed, would begin to disintegrate slowly and painfully.
"Tangle Hold"
F. L. Wallace

Famous quotes with Disintegrate

  • We construct a narrative for ourselves, and that's the thread that we follow from one day to the next. People who disintegrate as personalities are the ones who lose that thread.
    Paul Auster
  • It is better we disintegrate in peace and not in pieces.
    Nnamdi Azikiwe
  • I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.
    Wernher Magnus Maximilian von Braun
  • No normal man ever fell in love after thirty when the kidneys begin to disintegrate.
    H. L. Mencken
  • It is better we disintegrate in peace and not in pieces.
    Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe

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