What is another word for shatter?

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Shatter is a word that represents the act of breaking something with a great force, often resulting in fragments or pieces that scatter around. However, there are plenty of synonyms that have similar meanings, like smash, fracture, demolish, pulverize, and break. Smash refers to the act of violently hitting or breaking something, while fracture means to break or crack something, especially bone. Demolish is a verb that denotes destruction or tearing down something completely, and pulverize means to reduce something to powder or fine fragments. Break is a more generic term that signifies separating something into pieces. All of these synonyms convey the forceful action of breaking something apart.

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    Shatter is a word that describes something breaking into small pieces. Its antonyms are words that describe keeping something together or preventing it from breaking apart. Some words that can serve as antonyms for shatter include assemble, unite, mend, fuse, consolidate, and repair. These words describe the action of bringing together broken pieces or preventing them from breaking in the first place. For example, if something is not shattered, it can be described as being intact or whole. Antonyms for the word shatter are important to use in all kinds of written and spoken communication, as they provide a balance of meaning and contribute to clearer communication.

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    And it was while making their way down to that now historical point that Gerard began to realise what a waggon could do; what an incredible amount of hard knocking about it could stand; for the track seemed a mere succession of ruts and boulders, and as the huge vehicles went creaking and grinding over this, they seemed literally to twist and writhe, until it looked as though each fresh bump must shatter the whole fabric into a thousand crashing fragments.
    "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
    Bertram Mitford
    It grieves me to shatter such beautiful ignorance, but it must be done.
    "The Gray Phantom's Return"
    Herman Landon
    There came at last to be terrible scenes, in which Meineck would shout and swear and now and then shatter to pieces some chair or ottoman that stood in his way, while his wife sat motionless at her writing-table, now and then uttering some cold, cutting phrase, her pen suspended over her paper, longing for the moment when she should be left alone 'to work.
    "Erlach Court"
    Ossip Schubin

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