What is another word for lapin?

Pronunciation: [lˈapɪn] (IPA)

Lapin is a French word for "rabbit," but if you're looking for synonyms, there are a few to keep in mind. First, "bunny" is a popular alternative to "lapin." It's a bit more casual and cute, but still means essentially the same thing. "Hare" is another synonym, which can sometimes refer to specific breeds of rabbit that are larger and faster than the average lapin. Finally, "coney" is an archaic word for "rabbit" that you might come across in older literature or historical texts. Regardless of the word you choose, they all refer to the same furry, long-eared creature that hops about in fields and gardens.

Synonyms for Lapin:

What are the hypernyms for Lapin?

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What are the hyponyms for Lapin?

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Usage examples for Lapin

I'll be douce comme un lapin blanc-I really can be, Mike."
"There was a King in Egypt"
Norma Lorimer
"Tuez-le comme un lapin," cried one.
"Fanny Goes to War"
Pat Beauchamp
266; lapin, Keset ha-Sofer, Berlin, 1857, p.
"The Haskalah Movement in Russia"
Jacob S. Raisin

Famous quotes with Lapin

  • If rabbit had wings, there would always be the eagles. (Si lapin avait des ailes, - Il resterait toujours les aigles.)
    Charles de LEUSSE

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