What is another word for decreases?

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There are several synonyms for the word "decreases" that one could use in their writing to create variation and avoid repetition. Some examples include "reduces," "diminishes," "shrinks," "lessens," "abates," "curtails," "cuts down," "lowers," "mitigates," "slows down," "tapers off," "ebbs," and "wanes." These synonyms all convey the same meaning as "decreases," which is to lower in amount, quantity, or intensity. By using these alternative words, writers can keep their writing fresh and engaging, while still maintaining clarity of their message.

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How to use "Decreases" in context?

Decreases are common in day-to-day life. This includes things such as temperatures, pressure, and humidity. There are a few reasons why these changes occur. One reason is that the earth's atmosphere is a controlled mixture of gases, including oxygen and nitrogen. When these gases decrease, it causes a decrease in pressure. This decrease in pressure causes objects to move or decrease in size.

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