What is another word for implies?

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The word "implies" is commonly used in writing, particularly for academic papers. However, it's not the only word that you can use to convey the same meaning. Some synonyms for "implies" include "suggests," "hints," "indicates," "infers," "alludes," and "insinuates." These words indicate that there is a message that the writer or speaker is trying to communicate indirectly. For instance, instead of saying, "John is dishonest," you can say, "John's actions suggest that he might not be sincere." Choosing the right synonym often depends on the context, tone, and the level of formality that is appropriate for the intended audience.

How to use "Implies" in context?

Implies is a verb meaning to imply or hint at something. Implies can be used to describe the relationship between two things, the implication of something happening, or the implication of a conclusion. For example, "The fact that he was late implies that he was not feeling well.

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