What is another word for suffers?

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There are several synonyms for the word "suffers" that can be used to enhance your writing and make it more expressive. One of the most common synonyms is "endures," which implies a sense of patience and resilience in the face of challenges or pain. Another option is "experiences," which has a more neutral connotation and can be used in a broader range of contexts. Alternatively, you could use "bears," which emphasizes the burden or weight of the suffering. Other potential synonyms include "tolerates," "undergoes," "confronts," and "resists." Each of these synonyms has its own unique shade of meaning and can help add variety and nuance to your writing.

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    Suffers have become an all too common word in the language. Pronounced SHUF - dees, the word means to experience pain, grief, or suffering. It has evolved from a term used to describe a physical state, to a catchall descriptor for any difficult experience. Suffering can come in a variety of forms: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial. No matter the form, all suffering is real, valid, and necessary. It is the engine that drives us forward and makes us stronger.

    Physical suffering can be caused by illness, injury, or even simply old age.

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