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The word "serves" is a common verb that we often use in our everyday communication. However, it is always good to know synonyms to make our language more colorful and expressive. Some synonyms for "serves" are: facilitates, provides, offers, renders, delivers, contributes, augments, assists, supports, and helps. Each of these synonyms brings a unique nuance to the meaning of the verb "serves." For example, "facilitates" puts emphasis on making things easier, while "augments" emphasizes increasing or enhancing. Having these synonyms in our vocabulary can help us better convey our message and communicate more effectively.

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Serving sizes vary drastically from one restaurant to the next. In fact, it's not unusual to see 1 or 2 servings listed on a menu, but the actual serving size could be 2 or 3 times that amount. Too often, people order items without really knowing what the actual serving size is going to be. In some cases, this could lead to overeating and unnecessary weight gain. It's a good idea to ask your waiter what serving sizes are available before you order. This way, you'll be sure to consume the correct amount of food, and you won't waste any money.

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