What is another word for deviser?

Pronunciation: [dɪvˈa͡ɪzə] (IPA)

Deviser is a word that means someone who creates or invents something, or a person who envisions or plans out a strategy. Some synonyms for deviser include innovator, architect, designer, creator, inventor, planner, strategist, and thinker. An innovator is someone who introduces something new or makes important changes to an existing idea. An architect is someone who designs and plans out buildings or structures. A planner is a person who creates a detailed plan or schedule for accomplishing something. A strategist is somebody who develops a detailed and well-thought-out plan for achieving a particular goal. These terms are all interchangeable with the word deviser and describe someone who is skilled at conceptualizing and planning out a project or idea.

What are the hypernyms for Deviser?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for deviser?

Deviser is a noun that refers to a person who designs or invents something. The antonym of deviser can be found in words like follower, imitator, and copier. These words refer to someone who does not create their own ideas or designs, but instead borrows from others. Another antonym for deviser can be seen in the word destroyer, which indicates someone who destroys or damages rather than devising or creating. Other antonyms include uninspired, uncreative, uninventive, or unoriginal. When seeking the opposite of deviser, it's best to think of words that encompass the lack of creativity or originality in thought or action.

What are the antonyms for Deviser?

Usage examples for Deviser

Had the deviser been less charitable, William and John had been less guilty: the gift of one man becomes a temptation to another.
"An History of Birmingham (1783)"
William Hutton
No doubt a more experienced deviser, and more constant supervision, might have shown a speedier profit.
"Two Years in Oregon"
Wallis Nash
So little could he do alone, that, were he the chief deviser and performer, Mr. Morse was incompetent to distinguish with common acuteness between the ordinary and the marvelous, or else he was an egregious fictionist and impostor.
"Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism"
Allen Putnam

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