What is another word for drafter?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈaftə] (IPA)

A drafter, also known as a draftsman, is a professional who prepares technical drawings and plans that can be used by architects, engineers, and builders in the construction of buildings and other structures. Other synonyms for a drafter include designer, creator, artist, planner, or sketcher. These terms all describe someone who has the ability to translate ideas and concepts into precise visuals that can be used to guide the construction process. A drafter is often skilled in the use of software tools such as CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) in order to create highly accurate and detailed technical drawings. A draftsman is a crucial member of any technical team.

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Usage examples for Drafter

The expert bill drafter and the legislative bureau help materially to reduce the amount of defective and unwise legislation on the statute books.
"Problems in American Democracy"
Thames Ross Williamson
6. What is the function of the expert bill drafter?
"Problems in American Democracy"
Thames Ross Williamson
2. Status of the expert bill-drafter and the legislative reference bureau in your state.
"Problems in American Democracy"
Thames Ross Williamson

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