What is another word for drummer?

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There are many different synonyms for the word "drummer" that can be used to describe someone who plays the drums. Some possible terms include percussionist, beat-keeper, time-keeper, drummer boy, skinsman, stickman, and rhythmist. Additionally, different types of drummers may have specific titles, such as jazz drummer, rock drummer, or marching band drummer. No matter what term is used, however, all drummers share a passion for creating music and driving the beat forward through the power of their drumming. So whether you're calling them a drummer, percussionist, or something else entirely, these talented musicians all share a common love and ability for playing the drums.

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    Every drummer has a story to tell. From the young beginner starting out and learning the basics, to the experienced player who has seen and done it all, there is somethingunique and special about every drummer. What follows is a brief profile of five drummers that illustrate the wide spectrum of the profession.

    Lynn Taumey is a world-renowned drummer and adjudicator who has played with some of the biggest names in music, including the Boston Pops, Radio City Music Hall, and the Berlin Philharmonic. Taumey has recorded over 30 albums and has won numerous awards, including Grammy and APRA awards.

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