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An instigator is someone who provokes or initiates a particular action or event. Some synonyms for this word are "inciter," "provocateur," and "agitator." Another word that can be used to describe an instigator is "mischief-maker." Other related words include "troublemaker," "rabble-rouser," and "firebrand." These words are often used to describe someone who likes to stir things up or create chaos. In some cases, an instigator may also be called a "catalyst," as they are someone who causes change or growth in a particular situation. Ultimately, an instigator can have both positive and negative connotations depending on the context in which the word is used.

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How to use "Instigator" in context?

The word "instigator" has a variety of meanings. In law, an instigator is a person who commits an unlawful act to incite a riot, or to aid and abet a riot. In the world of criminal behavior, an instigator is someone who starts a crime, Acts with premeditation, or commits a crime for the sole purpose of inciting others to join in. In this context, an instigator is someone who initiates a violent or destructive act.

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