What is another word for promoter?

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A promoter is someone who actively supports or encourages a particular cause or venture. There are several synonyms for the word promoter, such as advocate, champion, supporter, backer, sponsor, and enthusiast. An advocate is someone who publicly recommends or supports a cause or policy. A champion is someone who fights for a person or cause. Supporter is a person who gives approval or backing to someone or something. A backer is someone who financially supports an organization or individual. Sponsor is someone who supports an event or activity, often with financial backing. Lastly, an enthusiast is a person who is passionate about something and actively promotes it.

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    A promoter is someone who helps get a concert, show, or other event organized and executed. This can include negotiating contracts, organizing venues, securing sponsors, and working with the press and other entertainment industry professionals. Promoters also often work with artists to develop and promote their careers.

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