What is another word for donjon?

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[ dˈɒnd͡ʒɒn], [ dˈɒnd‍ʒɒn], [ d_ˈɒ_n_dʒ_ɒ_n]

The word donjon has been used to describe a fortress tower or keep, but there are other words that may be used as synonyms for it. One is the term dungeon, which refers to a dark, underground cell used to hold prisoners. Another is stronghold, which describes a heavily fortified place used to defend against attacks. A similar word is citadel, which is a fortress or stronghold that protects a city. A castle is also a related term, as it refers to a fortified residence used by a noble or king. All of these words convey the idea of a secure, fortified place used for defense or protection.

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    How to use "Donjon" in context?

    The donjon is a structure found in many castles and other fortified manor houses in Europe and elsewhere. The term derives from the French donjon, itself from the Latin dominus, meaning lord or master.

    The donjon was the final and most powerful chamber in a Medieval castle. It was also the most protected area, and was the place where the lord of the castle could be safe from attack. The donjon could also be used as a ballroom, chapel, and even a prison.

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