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Cage, the word that refers to a structure that confines living beings, has numerous synonyms, each of which evokes a slightly different image of the protective or restrictive shelter. For instance, "enclosure" implies a guarded space that is designed to prevent animals from escaping. "Pen" suggests a smaller area that is used to keep animals for a short time, while "coop" is used to describe poultry housed in a small, enclosed space. "Aviary" or "birdcage" refers to a cage specifically designed to accommodate birds, while "corral" implies a larger area that is generally used to contain beasts such as horses and cows.

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How to use "Cage" in context?

In the animal world, cages are used to confine and protect animals. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have the same purpose: to hold animals in a safe and orderly environment.

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