What is another word for doorjamb?

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[ dˈɔːd͡ʒam], [ dˈɔːd‍ʒam], [ d_ˈɔː_dʒ_a_m]

A doorjamb is a structural part of a door frame that offers support and casing for the doorway. However, there are several other terms used to describe this essential element that people may find useful to know. The most common synonym for a doorjamb is a doorframe or door casing. Other synonyms include the doorpost, door lintel, door threshold, or door surround. These terms refer to the part of the doorway that typically consists of two vertical components (the side jambs) and a horizontal component (the top jamb or header). While each term describes the same structural component of a door frame, the different synonyms offer a varied and sometimes more specific way of referring to this critical part of the doorway.

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Usage examples for Doorjamb

All she could do was lean against the doorjamb and try to catch her breath.
"Unwise Child"
Gordon Randall Garrett
Winston leaned against the doorjamb, half in and half out, exhausted from a day-long ride reviewing gun emplacements along the shore.
Thomas Hoover
Before he pulled out his tobacco bag he leaned the rifle against the doorjamb.
"The Heart of the Range"
William Patterson White

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