What is another word for back door?

Pronunciation: [bˈak dˈɔː] (IPA)

Back door is a term used to describe a secondary entrance or an alternative way of accessing a building or space. It is often associated with secretive or sneaky behavior, which is why people may use different synonyms to avoid using the term back door. Some common alternatives to back door include rear entrance, side entrance, secondary entrance, service entrance, and emergency exit. The choice of words depends on the context, such as whether the entrance is intended for general use or specifically for emergency exit, as well as the perceived connotation of the term. Ultimately, the use of synonyms for back door is a way to avoid negative associations and emphasize the practical purpose of a secondary entrance.

Synonyms for Back door:

What are the hypernyms for Back door?

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What are the hyponyms for Back door?

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Famous quotes with Back door

  • I've been waiting for that bright sunshine to show up and shine in my back door someday.
    Luther Allison
  • Music has always been my back door to life. It is important for people to find something that excites them. I like the concept that if you do what excites you, you will be rewarded generously, whatever form reward takes, which is not necessarily money.
    Brandon Boyd
  • We sat here during Irene in '99 with the back door open. We drank and watched all the stuff fly by.
    John Harrison
  • I can ski out of my back door.
    Merlin Olsen
  • The studio rented a house for my wife in Los Angeles under a phony name to keep reporters away. Whenever I wanted to visit her and my children, I would have to sneak in the back door after dark.
    Max von Sydow

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