What is another word for doorknob?

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Doorknob is a term used to describe a type of handle or knob that is used to open or close a door. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used to describe different types of doorknobs. One of these is a "latch" which is a type of doorknob that is used to secure a door. Another synonym is a "handle" which is a more general term used to describe any type of handle that is used to open doors, drawers or cabinets. Other synonyms include "knob," "lever," "grip" and "pull" which can be used to refer to any type of handle or knob used to open or close doors.

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What are the opposite words for doorknob?

Antonyms refer to words that have opposite meanings to a particular term. However, the word "doorknob" does not have direct antonyms. It is a noun that is used to describe a circular handle found on a door, typically used for opening or closing it. However, we can consider alternatives that express the same concept. For example, we can describe a doorknob's opposite word as a "door latch" or "door handle," which are different types of door hardware that serve the same purpose of providing a grip for opening or closing a door. Alternatively, we could consider words that are antonyms of the function of a doorknob, such as "lock" or "bolt" which prevent the opening of a door.

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Usage examples for Doorknob

Reaching the top, he listened intently while his hand searched for a doorknob.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon
The Phantom, casting off the uncomfortable sensation with a shrug of his shoulders, stepped out from his hiding place just as a hand gripped the doorknob.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon
With his hand on the doorknob, he looked back and once more let his electric torch play over the floor and walls.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon

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